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Physical Rehabilitation Facilities

We promote and understand the importance of treating all aspects of the individual. In order to heal the whole person we offer a Health and Wellness program that includes engaging in fun and challenging physical activities on a daily basis. Getting out and being psychically active contributes to personal growth. Our program will afford opportunities that include gym membership, meeting with a conditioning specialist where the individual will learn how to eat and exercise properly. In addition we utilize our wonderful serene outdoor environment to enhance and promote overall health.

What Types of Counselling is Offered?

  • Trauma therapy:
  • Individual therapy: We utilize individualized therapy to help address underlying issues and past traumas. Individual one-on-one therapy sessions with a licensed therapist is performed weekly. As a top priority, the sessions work toward addressing the root causes of addiction and assisting in the healing process.
  • Individual counseling: In addition to weekly individual therapy, our program offers weekly individual counseling with a Certified Drug and Alcohol counselor in order to address issues directly related to substance use as well as providing assistance with ancillary needs.  
  • Group therapy: We utilize group therapy in our treatments. Examples of group therapy are: relapse prevention, psychodrama, family sculpture, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoeducation and spiritual exploration groups.   
  • Family counseling: Family members are usually the ones who suffer the most when dealing with addiction. To assist families in the healing process, we offer individual family counseling sessions and absolutely understand the need to assist family members, spouses and children alike to heal from the repercussions of the disease of addiction. Studies indicate that when families get involved in their loved ones treatment, positive outcomes significantly increase
  • Experiential therapy: Using our beautiful mountainous terrain for treatment sessions, we want our patients to enjoy the outdoors while getting sober. Some therapy activities include: mountain boarding, skiing, snowboarding.
  • Educational and career counseling: We believe in the importance of assisting patients with reintegration into the workplace or academics. Vocational and life skills are a standard component of our program. We utilize counselors trained in life skills to assist patients with achieving their goals.
  • Discharge planning: To help patients integrate back into normalcy once they leave the program, we offer ancillary services like (list here).