criminal justice populations

Is addiction treatment different for the criminal justice populations?

Researches dating back to the mid-1970s have shown that addiction and substance abuse treatment can help drug-using criminal offenders to change their behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs towards drug addiction; and totally remove them from the life of drug abuse and criminal activities.  A large percentage of the principles used in addiction treatment are almost similar…

Holistic Treatment Therapies

Benefits of Holistic Treatment Therapies as a Treatment Method for Addiction

Art, music, or wilderness retreats can be used as holistic treatment therapies in addiction recovery, if offered together with other traditional treatments methods. Addiction Rehabilitation Programs at the Restoration Recovery Center offers the most effective and integrated approach to addiction treatments, including both the holistic and traditional treatment methods. Addiction to drugs and alcohol can…

Christian counseling

Christian Counseling Services in Auburn California

Christian Counseling Introduction Sometimes in life, you might feel you need the help of professional counseling to overcome a personal struggle or relationships. Christian counseling, just like secular counseling is designed to help people overcome their problems. Christian counseling allows individuals to handle issues holistically based on three dimensions – body, mind, and spirit. All…