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At Restoration Recovery Center, our alcohol rehab in Sacramento offers a safe, effective approach to alcohol treatment that changes lives. In 2021, 29.5 million people in the United States aged 12 or older had a past year alcohol use disorder (AUD). With so many people affected, copious amounts of research and resources have gone into developing treatment options for alcohol addiction. Restoration Recovery Center’s alcohol rehab options are centered on trauma-based and evidence-based approaches to help our clients create the best chances for success. This page will explore what alcohol addiction is, how it can impact your life, and how to get the most out of alcohol rehab.

What is Alcoholism?

Alcohol use disorder, also commonly referred to as “Alcoholism”, is a brain disorder characterized by a problematic pattern of alcohol consumption leading to uncontrollable, compulsive, and hazardous use. It can present as mild, moderate, or severe, depending on the symptoms.

Factors that can increase the risk of developing an AUD include:

  • Genetics and a family history of alcohol misuse
  • Drinking at an early age
  • A history of trauma
  • Co-occurring mental health conditions and dual diagnosis disorders

Heavy alcohol use and binge drinking behavior have also been found to over time increase the risk of developing an alcohol use disorder.

How Does Our Alcohol Rehab Near Sacramento Work?

The process begins when you reach out to one of our compassionate staff for a confidential consultation. They will learn about your situation and help you decide the best course of action for treatment.

Restoration Recovery Center has an alcohol rehab near Sacramento, CA with many different program options. The certified facility located in serene mountain surroundings offers many alcohol treatment options including:

Once you have identified the best alcohol addiction treatment program, Restoration Recovery Center will create a treatment path tailored specifically to your unique needs. Therapy options available in the programs include:

Additionally, Restoration Recovery offers holistic therapy and equine therapy to support long-term healing and recovery.

How Do I Know I'm Dependent on Alcohol?

An alcohol use disorder diagnosis can only be made by a medical professional. That being said, there are signs and symptoms you can identify that may indicate you should seek a professional assessment. Signs and symptoms of an alcohol use disorder include but are not limited to:

  • Alcohol is consumed in larger quantities or over a longer period of time than intended. 
  • A large amount of time is spent in using alcohol, obtaining alcohol, or recovering from the effects of alcohol. 
  • There is a strong urge or desire to use alcohol, also known as a craving. 
  • There is a failure to fulfill major obligations at home, school, or work due to alcohol use. 
  • Giving up or reducing important recreational, occupational, or social activities due to alcohol use. 
  • A need for markedly increased amounts of alcohol to achieve the desired effect, also known as tolerance. 
  • Attempting to quit or reduce using alcohol leads to symptoms of withdrawal.

If you or someone you love are experiencing some of the symptoms listed above, it may be an indication of a serious issue with alcohol. A full list of criteria to diagnose an alcohol use disorder can be found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) used by psychologists during an assessment.

What Does Alcohol Withdrawal Look Like?

When a person is dependent on alcohol and attempts to stop or reduce using alcohol, they can experience alcohol withdrawal. Signs and symptoms of alcohol withdrawal typically begin within 6 to 24 hours after alcohol was last consumed.

Alcohol withdrawal signs and symptoms may include:

  • Irritability, anxiety, agitation, or restlessness. 
  • Lack of appetite, nausea, or vomiting. 
  • Elevated heart rate.
  • Tremor/shakiness/ 
  • Increased blood pressure. 
  • Impaired memory or judgment. 
  • Poor concentration. 
  • Nightmares, intense dreaming, or insomnia. 
  • Increased sensitivity to light, sound, and touch. 
  • Hallucinations or delusions. 
  • High fever. 
  • Fluctuation in level of consciousness.

In some severe alcohol withdrawal cases, people may experience seizures and delirium, which can be extremely dangerous. There can be medical complications of alcohol withdrawal with possible fatal outcomes if not treated by medical professionals. Do not attempt to detox from alcohol without consulting your healthcare provider. If you or a loved one are experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, call 911 immediately.

Who Does Alcoholism Impact?

People of all ages and ethnicities suffer the harmful consequences of alcohol addiction. Like other chronic diseases, there isn’t a cure to alcohol addiction, but it can be managed successfully. No matter how severe your disorder may seem, evidence-based treatment can help you create a healthy and productive alcohol-free life.

How Long Does Alcohol Rehab in Sacramento Last?

Alcohol use disorder rehab programs can vary in length. Every individual is different and may need less or more time than others in treatment. Typically, our alcohol rehab in Sacramento can be 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days.

The type of program (inpatient vs. outpatient rehab) can also influence how long an individual is in treatment.

Benefits of Alcohol Rehab

Although drug and alcohol use disorders are considered “chronic” diseases, meaning there is no cure, they can be managed successfully. Treatment enables people to regain control of their lives through counteracting the disruptive effects of alcohol on the brain.

Alcohol rehab equips people with the tools and skills needed to handle stressful situations, triggers, and alcohol-seeking thoughts/behavior. With the right treatment, you or your loved one can learn to lead happy and healthy alcohol-free lives.

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