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Within our detoxification program, we have the ability to assess and begin to treat dual diagnoses and/or chronic pain issues if needed. At Restoration Recovery Center, Detox is usually the first step in the addiction process and consists of a personalized treatment plan, which is custom tailored to each client’s individual needs.


After stabilization from Acute Detoxification it is recommended that a client enters Into a Residential Level of care where clients receive ongoing 24 hours a day oversight. Clients will receive ongoing psychiatric and medical evaluations.

PHP/Day Treatment

After completion of Residential Treatment most clients are encouraged into entering in our Day Treatment Program. This is Our most intensive Outpatient program that meets Monday-Friday from 9am to 4pm. Clients commit to Day Treatment on an every thirty-day timeline. This program is up to ninety days in length.

Intensive Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient Program allows you to receive the treatment, education, and support you need, for your addiction and co-occurring mental health issues, while continuing to fully participate in your everyday life.


Ongoing aftercare & recovery support is critical to sustained sobriety, and we provide a wide range of outstanding programs and options to support you in every way.

Medication Assisted Treatment

At Restoration Recovery Center , we sometimes use a medication assisted treatment plan (MAT) to help clients with substance use disorder stop using substances. Such MAT treatments can be either in the short term for medically supervised withdrawal from opioids or in the long term as a maintenance treatment.

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