Faith-Based & Christian Rehab Centers

For individuals who want to integrate faith into their recovery, Restoration Recovery Centers has created a Christian rehab program to help clients use their spirituality as a catalyst to help their addiction recovery.

In 2021, over 46 million people aged 12 or older had a substance use disorder in the past year. To combat this crisis, therapies have been developed to treat drug and alcohol addiction. Research indicates that many people receiving addiction services view spirituality as an essential part of recovery. This article will explore how Christian rehab centers work and the benefits of incorporating religion in recovery.

What is a Christian Rehab Center?

A Christian rehab is a drug and alcohol addiction program that incorporates spirituality and faith into the addiction treatment process. This type of counseling taps into a person’s Christian faith by using Christian values and the Bible to help them turn over a new leaf.

Well-known addiction treatment programs with a spiritual foundation are Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Participants learn to turn their lives over to the care of a higher power to achieve recovery.

How Does a Christian Rehab Center Work?

Restoration Recovery Center is a certified drug and alcohol addiction rehab near Sacramento, CA that offers a wide variety of therapies including Christian counseling. Christian values, teaching, and the Bible are incorporated into recovery.

Christian counseling at Restoration Recovery Center is only available upon request.

How Is a Christian Rehab Center different from a Secular Treatment Center?

A Christian rehab center offers faith-based treatment options whereas a secular treatment center offers only non faith-based addiction rehab treatment. Restoration Recovery Center offers both Christian counseling (upon request) as well as other secular treatment therapies.

Benefits of Having a Christian Foundation in Recovery

Faith and spirituality can be a mighty tool in the addiction recovery process. Oftentimes people with drug and alcohol addiction enter rehab programs feeling alienated or abandoned by god. Addressing spirituality in the recovery process has been cited to be a helpful influence.

One study on religiousness and spirituality found that “engaging in spiritual activities can give hope, strength, and provide meaning during stressful periods.” Depending on your unique needs and spirituality, you may benefit from entering an addiction rehab program that includes faith-based therapy.

Services We Provide In Our Christian Track

Christian counseling services at Restoration Recovery Center work alongside other therapies including:

No single type of treatment is appropriate for everyone and so, addiction rehab centers that offer multiple types of therapy could be a good option for you or your loved one. At Restoration Recovery Center, each person entering treatment is assessed to create a unique treatment plan tailored to their needs. Christian counseling at Restoration Recovery Center is only available upon request.

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