Tips on How to Help a Family Member with an Addiction

help a family member with an addiction

Tips on How to Help a Family Member with an Addiction

Do you need tips on how to help a family member with an addiction? Drug addiction comes without warning signs, it can occur to anyone, even where you least expect it, such as your family members. It’s often hard to deal with a situation when one of your loved ones is struggling with drug addiction. You are captured by the dilemma of whether to confront them immediately or wait for them to settle at their own? Drug addiction makes a person uncontrollable; however, is there any way to help or change someone who is struggling? Let’s learn about a few tips on how to help a family member with an addiction.

Tips on How to Help a Family Member with an Addiction

Empathy and Radical Love

A research conducted by Psychology Today reveals, showing love and empathy towards a person struggling with drug addiction can be extremely fruitful, learn about some of the factors that can contribute to abusing substance’s well-being.

  • Empathize with your family member and realize their suffering and pain as much as you can, many times drug addiction is opted by those who were a victim of child abuse and neglect in their past. Thus, they often feel invisible and consider that their sufferings are not recognized in their family. Ensure that you empathize with them as this is very essential for them.
  • No matter how absurd or inappropriate your family member may sound, show them that you hear and understand every word that they say. This is another neglect faced by individuals with negative childhood experiences, thus it’s important to hear them out.
  • Give them the right and space to express anger, fear, pain and other emotions. In any case, do not invalidate their trauma and experiences.
  • Offer them comfort through every possible way such as make them food, talk to them, take them out for a movie, give casual hugs and simply care for them as human beings.
help a family member with an addiction

help a family member with an addiction

Don’t wait for the worst to arrive

As stated earlier, drug addiction can arrive at the most unexpected moments to anyone. Do not wait for the worst situation to arrive, as soon as you find a family member struggling with substance abuse, the best time to help them out is absolutely right now. Whether it’s a personal support or whether you need to admit them into an Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center, do it now! Waiting for them to hit the worst scenario may not be the best option.

Do not miss out opportunities to Communicate

There is no doubt in admitting that it can be difficult staying close and connected with a person who is struggling with drug addiction, however remember that abusing substances often comes to those who thrive on isolation. The more you connect with them and offer your support, the faster they recover. A person with abusing substances often wants to spend their time alone however do not miss out opportunities to communicate and talk at your end.

Accept and Control your own Emotions

Watching someone you love and care about making unhealthy and inappropriate life choices can be difficult to watch. There are times when you are often consumed by emotions of disappointment, fear, anger and hurt and it is entirely understandable. It is obvious that when you care for someone, you want them to be safe, secure and healthy, however during abusing substances, this may not always be a case. It is important to accept your emotions however you must control them as well, you cannot stop a person from drug addiction in a day or two but cope up with unpleasant feelings around their substance abuse.

help a family member with an addiction

help a family member with an addiction

Explore all the possible Treatment Options

In most cases, the person struggling from drug abuse does not want to enter treatment or even visit a therapist, however it is best to explore as many treatment options as you can. Plenty of Addiction Treatment Centers offers a wide range of treatment programs and you can always choose what might suits best. Every program can vary and be different from the other, so knowing multiple options can help you evaluate the best one for your family member.

Speak Up: Straightforward Addiction Help for a Family Member

Sometimes it is best to communicate with your abusing substance family member and be honest about your emotions in a more straightforward way. Such as:

  • When you are using, I worry about you and your health, it might not be the best option for you.
  • I don’t trust you when you are using, as I become quite afraid and frightened about how you behave.
  • I don’t trust you in my home because some of my belongings went missing the last time you were here, I want to see you, but only after we rebuild trust.

How to get Help for a Family Member with Addiction?

Drug and alcohol addictions are not easy to overcome and professional help is generally recommended. At Restoration Recovery Center in Auburn, CA we are a substance abuse rehabilitation center that offers a comprehensive range of therapies to help your family members get back on the right path. Whenever a person comes for a drug addiction treatment at the Restoration Recovery Center, we work with them day and night and offer our support for their successful recovery.

Contact us today at 1-888-290-0925 and talk to a professional or you can request confidential information through our website.

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