Auburn California Addiction Intervention Assistance

Auburn California Addiction Intervention Assistance

Addiction Intervention 

Need help with addiction intervention? Most of the time, someone struggling with alcohol or substance addiction might not realize how much their actions affect their friends or families. Addiction, which is considered a brain disease manipulates brain chemistry, making it difficult to quit alcohol, drugs, or other things, which can be extremely difficult to overcome. When someone has an addiction, it means they continue to mis-use drugs, alcohol, or continue harmful habits despite experiencing the negative consequences. One might end up overdosing which can be fatal or even end up in jail. Many times, the person suffering from an addiction may not even realize they have an addiction. Other times they know they have a problem, but it seems impossible for them to overcome. addiction intervention

Professional addiction intervention can help an addict realize they need to get help before it’s too late. Addiction can tear families apart, ruin relationships and erode trust. Family members feel obligated to convince their loved ones to get help from a rehab. This, sometimes, might seem impossible. However, it would be wise to reach out to a qualified addiction intervention specialist. When intervention is done properly it can help an addict realize how their addiction is affecting their loved ones and therefore want to make a change in their life. Expert intervention is likely to trigger the action stage.

What is an expert Addiction Intervention Specialist?

An intervention can be undoubtedly challenging, but an expert addiction intervention specialist can help the family navigate the whole process smoothly leading to a calm and productive experience.

More often than not, addicts can be very sensitive, and they might be having other issues such as depression and anxiety, or even some kind of trauma. While it can be almost impossible to tell or even control how the addict will react during the intervention, an expert addiction interventionist has the professional experience to “calm the storm.”

When addicts are subjected to an intervention, they might feel like they’re going to be angrily accused. Remember, they have enough shame due to their addiction, so they don’t need anymore. However, expert intervention is initiated with love, almost like a love letter at the start. At this point, you tell the addict what you love about them to make them feel comfortable rather than feeling attacked. You also need to remind them of what they truly are.

A Professional Addiction Intervention Strategy

You must prepare for intervention by planning an intervention strategy that will increase the chances of success. An intervention specialist will work together with the intervening family, or parties to address their specific needs.

The intervening parties can be a group of close people of influence in the addict’s life or people that the addict respects. The place where the intervention will be held should be familiar to the addict so that they will feel comfortable and safe. It could be your home or a private location. Public spaces should be avoided.

A customized and well-planned intervention conducted by an expert intervention specialist can help build a solid foundation for the recovery of the addict.

addiction intervention

addiction intervention


An addiction intervention is ideal for anyone struggling with alcohol, drugs, or harmful habits but is unaware or unable to realize how their addiction is adversely affecting their life and the lives of their loved ones. An expert intervention specialist can orchestrate a well-planned and customized intervention.

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