Benefits of Holistic Treatment Therapies as a Treatment Method for Addiction

Holistic Treatment Therapies

Benefits of Holistic Treatment Therapies as a Treatment Method for Addiction

Art, music, or wilderness retreats can be used as holistic treatment therapies in addiction recovery, if offered together with other traditional treatments methods. Addiction Rehabilitation Programs at the Restoration Recovery Center offers the most effective and integrated approach to addiction treatments, including both the holistic and traditional treatment methods.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol can affect patients in different ways, sometimes resulting in behavioral chances, or causing mental, emotional and physical harm to a person’s wellbeing. A lot of people today are struggling with addiction, but only a small percentage have proper access to professional treatment.

Most rehab facilities in the US and all over the world have already started integrating other types of addiction treatment methods, popularly referred to as holistic treatments.

What is Holistic Treatment Therapies?

Holistic Treatment Therapies

Holistic Treatment Therapies

Holistic treatment therapies refers to an individual’s approach to a treatment method focused on the emotional and spiritual aspects of addiction, together with other medical treatments. This treatment method started out with the belief that exploring how much harm addiction has inflicted on an individual – and treating more than just the physical symptoms, is the best treatment for addiction.

Examples holistic treatments for addiction 

  • Art or music therapies
  • Mindfulness and managing stress meditation
  • Yoga practices and tai chi
  • Nutritional teachings
  • Wilderness retreats
  • Equine therapies

When these treatment methods are administered together with traditional treatments, they have been proven to be very effective in improving a patient’s wellbeing, especially their emotional wellbeing that might have been harmed by addiction. At The Restoration Recovery Center in California, we specialize in holistic programs so that we can combine the benefits of patient participation in both holistic and traditional treatments.

Benefits of holistic therapies in addiction treatment

  • Delivers a Whole-Person Treatment Approach

Holistic treatment follow the belief that treatment starts in the mind, to the spirit and finally the body. This is important to achieve a recovery that will last. We refer this treatment approach as the ‘whole-person approach’.

This treatment gives the patient a chance to explore every aspect of their wellbeing that has been affected by addiction. It helps the patient to look within themselves for the motivation needed to move forward with their lives.

  • Helpful in Relieving Stress

Most of the holistic therapies listed above, are known as the most effective stress relieving methods, which is the best way to avoid relapse. Stress can trigger relapse in an addiction patient. Relieving stress can make the difference between the patient going back to drug abuse and choosing to maintain sobriety. 

  • Long terms benefits and reducing the risk of relapse

Holistic therapies such as meditation have lasting benefit to the patient, not only to help them move forward with their lives, but to help them stay clear of relapse risks.

  • Introduces Low-Cost Coping Skills to the patient

The cost of rehab facilities has always been a barrier to treatment for people struggling with addiction. Rehab facilities and treatment can be a bit expensive, especially without insurance. At times, holistic treatment therapies can continue at low costs, in case the patient is unable to continue with traditional treatments due to lack of funds. 

  • Holistic therapies Provide a Peaceful and Compassionate Environment 

In most cases, holistic programs are done by Addiction Treatment Professionals who are trained to help patients recover from substance addiction, and who understand how the treatment environment affect the patients’ journey to recovery.

Establishing a peaceful treatment environment, therefore, is a cornerstone of holistic treatment – giving a safe setting so that the patients can reflect on the benefits of recovery.

Holistic Treatment for Addiction in California

Holistic Treatment Therapies

Holistic Treatment Therapies

Interested in Holistic Treatment in California? At The Restoration Recovery Center in Auburn, we believe that exposing patients to a variety of treatment modalities will be beneficial in their journey to recovery, especially when accompanied with traditional methods of addiction treatment.

Within our holistic treatment therapies, patients will have a chance to explore the various ways that addiction has affected their emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing – and begin taking actions towards recovery. We have treatment programs which can be customized for teenagers, adults, dual diagnosis patients, and special needs patients.

Talk to one of our holistic treatment specialists today to learn more about our holistic programs.

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