Alcohol Addiction After The Holidays and How To Get Help

Alcohol Addiction After The Holidays and How To Get Help

Typically, the development of alcoholism is slowed by structures and routines associated with school, work or responsibilities at home. Some people may come home to get drunk every day but will always hold back a little because there is work and other responsibilities to be handled the next day.

During the holidays, about 39% of adults took their annual leaves or had their working hours reduced. This has resulted in a lot of people having more free time to indulge in excessive alcohol with no immediate repercussions. This is the reason why the cases of alcohol addiction after the holidays have accelerated.

alcohol addiction after the holidays

alcohol addiction after the holidays

Why getting alcoholism treatment is more important during this time

There has never been a perfect time to start alcoholism treatment, and the busy month of January shouldn’t stop you from beginning your journey to recovery. Here are some of the reasons to seek out addiction treatment immediately.

Boredom: The low productivity months at the beginning of the year leaves people with a lot of free time in their hands, and alcohol or drugs become harder and harder to resist if you don’t have the appropriate coping skills.

Loneliness: For a lot of people, not having enough in-person socialization can lead to loneliness that in most cases, triggers desires to self-medicate with alcohol.

Feeling stuck: Working individuals may find the constant contact with colleagues to be too much and anxiety-provoking, and may get tempted to indulge in alcohol.

These are some of the factors that increase the likelihood of alcohol addiction after the holidays.

Where to get alcoholism treatment in January

The first thing you need is that to have clear rehab goals, you have to identify the alcoholic behaviors that you need to heal from. The next step is to identify any other underlying issue that you might need help to overcome. These include dual diagnosis or any other illnesses that you might want to get treatment for.

You also have to decide what a successful alcoholism treatment means to you. Is your first goal to pass the detox stage and get through at least the first 30 days of sobriety? Would you consider six months of being sober a success? Or maybe a year? You are the only one who can decide what success means to you.

Get counsel from a treatment professional at the alcoholism treatment center

Find out the available treatment options from your choice of alcoholism rehab center, and which ones are a match to your treatment goals. A treatment professional from The Restoration Recovery Center can help you with this. All of our treatment professionals are familiar with all aspects of alcoholism. They will provide you with a lot of information about recovery from alcohol addiction. These are the right people to connect you with the proper treatment plan for your needs.

alcohol addiction after the holidays

alcohol addiction after the holidays

Find out the specialties of alcohol rehab centers near you

You will find that different alcoholism treatment centers specialize in various types of addictions; for instance, some facilities only specialize in patients with dual diagnosis or alcohol addiction patients.

The success rates of treatments are also different for each facility. Therefore choose an Alcoholism Treatment Center that has more chances of yielding positive results from your treatment.

The Restoration Recovery Center has all the equipment needed to help people who are struggling with alcohol addiction after the holidays recover fully and get their lives back. If you are therefore looking for a reliable alcohol rehab center in California, give us a call.

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