How to Love Yourself and Others in Sobriety on Valentine’s Day

How to Love Yourself and Others in Sobriety on Valentine’s Day

How to Love Yourself and Others in Sobriety on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is when many of us start thinking about love and marriage. What does that have to do with sobriety? For some, Valentine’s Day means showing gratitude for what we have in our lives, including our recovery. Valentine’s Day has become a commercialized holiday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it sober. Yet, sobriety can also teach us to love ourselves and others accordingly. This guide will help you cultivate an attitude of gratitude on the Day of all things love.

Ways to Love Yourself on Valentine’s Day

The world would be a better place if we all loved ourselves more. This day is about celebrating love, but it can also be an opportunity to learn how to love yourself in sobriety. There are many ways to accomplish this:

  • Ask for what you need: When sober, our emotional, mental, or physical needs will need a new source outside of drinking or substance use. Many find this process challenging as it’s not always easy to ask for what we want and need from others. It calls for courage and humility to ask and accept these things of other people. Additionally, it takes practice and patience, but the rewards of doing so are worth it.
  • Celebrate your success: This Valentine’s Day, take time to celebrate your accomplishments—both big and small! Acknowledge yourself for those successes because your hard, consistent work helped you achieve them. Essentially, celebrating our success allows us to mark our progress and maintain momentum.
  • Show appreciation: On February 14th, thousands of people will be spending money on flowers, chocolates, and jewelry to show appreciation to their loved ones. So how do you maintain an attitude of gratitude during Valentine’s Day? Give thanks for all the good things in your life—even the less glamorous stuff. For instance, consider appreciating your restored health, career, or job and the loved ones who support you. Learning to appreciate what we have can help us stay sober and develop healthy relationships with others.
  • Stay away from comparisons: No person is perfect. So rather than comparing yourself with someone else, try appreciating the differences between yourself and others. How does this relate to sobriety? Recognizing strengths in ourselves and others offers opportunities to grow together. Essentially, such recognition removes the barrier of resentment, jealousy, or even envy so we can come together to work together. Ultimately, instead of drawing comparisons, consider ways to work with others to advance the community.
  • Compliment yourself: When we think about our flaws and negative tendencies, it’s easy to focus solely on them. When we start thinking about all the good things rather than focusing on what we lack, it can make a huge difference in our feelings of self-worth.
  • Let go of old relationships: Yes, we all have relationships from our past that sometimes make us feel nostalgic or hurt. Let them go for your present. We can’t relive the past, and the present is all we have.
  • Cultivate self-compassion: Self-compassion means appreciating yourself with care and love. It’s challenging to be compassionate towards others when you don’t have a sense of your worth. When you love yourself, you’ll have compassion for others, which will ultimately help improve your relationships with others.
  • Watch a funny movie: Research shows the power of Laughter as medicine! Take advantage of online streaming platforms and binge on some romantic comedies! Spend the night laughing, especially with your friends or family.

Romantic Sober Activities

There are plenty of ways to plan romantic and sober activities. The key is making sure you’re planning something meaningful and memorable for both you and your partner—not just yourself. Try connecting via one or more of the following:

  • Plan a romantic surprise for your partner: Surprise your loved one with a unique activity just for the two of you. This could be taking them out on a date night, cooking them romantic meals, or planning a picnic.
  • Do something nice: Show your love by making their day a bit easier. You could offer them a massage, take care of their errands or chores, cook a meal, or draw them a warm bath.
  • Consider their love language: Remember your significant other’s love language. Do something they enjoy or give them a thoughtful gift that speaks to their love language—this will make their day!
  • Surprise them: Most people love surprises. Surprise them with dinner or breakfast in bed. Consider a nighttime picnic under the stars in the park or your backyard.
  • Discover the arts: Head to your local art gallery or museum for a date. Explore the artists’ beautiful vision together. Together, find inspiration in paintings, photography, and sculptures on display at these venues.

 Many people think about romantic relationships as we approach the holiday of love. Yet, we also recommend that people spend part of this day showing themselves some love. Cultivating self-love will help give your life perspective. Self-love motivates us to do better and the strength to push forward when those tough times come along. Love yourself by taking care of your physical health–getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising, and keeping up with your hygiene. We consider these steps essential to maintain long-term recovery.
Furthermore, love yourself in the activities that you enjoy or make you happy, like reading a good book, hiking, socializing with loved ones, or pursuing a new hobby or your passion. At Restoration Recovery Center we believe in the power of love and self-care for long-term recovery. We provide counseling, compassionate and qualified clinicians, peer support, and holistic services. To learn more about our comprehensive treatment program, call (888) 290-0925 today!

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