How Intervention Will Help An Addiction Patient in Their Journey To Recovery

How Intervention Will Help An Addiction Patient in Their Journey To Recovery

Intervention in addiction treatment is a structured conversation between an addiction patient and their close family and friends, often under the supervision of an intervention specialist.

Usually, if the addiction patient has tried talking to one person without any visible change, the next step is going for an intervention. It is in these interventions that the patients are shown how their actions are affecting their loved ones. The main goal here is to convince the addiction patient to get into rehabilitation and recovery.

Approaching a person struggling with an addiction is not that easy. Their friends and family might not know the right words to use when trying to talk to the patient. The addiction patient can also deny having any problem with substance abuse, addiction, or relapse, which makes it all the more difficult for their loved ones to talk to them.

We therefore developed this post to help you understand how intervention will help an addiction patient. Read on

how intervention will help an addiction patient

how intervention will help an addiction patient

How does intervention work?                                                                       

An intervention session provides particular examples of destructive behaviors and their negative impact on the ones you love. It also outlines a prearranged treatment plan with clear guidelines, steps, and achievement goals. It also states the possible course of action to be taken in case the patient refuses to accept the treatment, even after the intervention.

The people in the intervention groups gather information about the extent of their patient’s addiction problem and access all the available treatment methods. This way, they can speak to you informatively and encourage you to proceed with the treatment program.

The role of an addiction specialist in substance abuse an intervention session

Including the services of Substance Abuse and Addiction Specialists such as social workers or counselors will help your loved ones to plan for an effective intervention session.

The specialist takes your condition into account and, depending on the severity of your addiction, advises on how intervention will help an addiction patient. They will also advise your loved one on how to start the intervention and the areas that critically need to be addressed. Most intervention sessions take place without the presence of an intervention specialist, but having a skilled professional present is more likely to be effective. Having an intervention specialist will also help your loved one to convey their concerns more freely, of course, with the regulation of the specialist. This way, both their message and their feelings towards you are effectively communicated through.

Members of the intervention group

The intervention group usually consists of at least six members from your list of close family and friends. The people you love, respect, and depend on. This can be anybody from your best friend, an elder relative, or a member of your faith. You can consult your intervention counselor to find out the most appropriate people to include in your intervention group. This is important mainly because you need to have people that you can listen to seriously and give serious thought into their suggestions. You also need to have people who you are comfortable to be around.

how intervention will help an addiction patient

how intervention will help an addiction patient

Identifying the best treatment program to sign up for after the intervention

There has to be a treatment program in place that will be used after the intervention session, which is if the intervention was a success. However, how do you find the perfect treatment program? The scope and intensity of treatment programs may vary, which is why there is a need to do thorough research to identify the most suitable plan to follow after the intervention. Your loved ones can help you with the investigation.

A successful intervention session

To understand how intervention will help an addiction patient, and how it can help your case, ensure that you listen carefully to the concerns of your loved ones, and be willing to make an effort to follow through with your treatment program.

Have calm and rational responses for every concern raised at the intervention session. This is one of the most effective methods of ensuring the success of the intervention.

If you still do not know about how to prepare for the intervention, you can always consult the advice of the Restoration Recovery center. This is an Auburn substance abuse treatment center with all the resources needed for effective intervention.

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