Depression And Anxiety: How To Get Help in Auburn

Depression And Anxiety: How To Get Help in Auburn

These are the basic symptoms that indicate chronic depression and anxiety. According to research, anxiety is among the top ranked mental related health issues.

 In the United States alone, more than 20% of the adult population are affected by some form of anxiety disorder every year. In other remote cases, some other unrelated health conditions such as an overactive thyroid can cause anxiety disorder.

 The best treatment heavily relies on a proper diagnostic. In this post, we are going to look at some of the ways used at the Restoration and Recovery Center in Auburn to help people struggling with depression and anxiety disorders.

depression and anxiety

depression and anxiety

Natural remedies used for depression and anxiety

Alongside various medical therapies, a few natural remedies go a long way in treating patients with chronic anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, changing a patient’s daily diet and using some natural supplements can completely alter how some anxiety medications work. It is therefore important to consult your doctor before trying out any of these remedies.


Regular exercises are a great way to burn off some of the anxiety energy. Exercises have also been proven to help with anxiety as a result of stressful situations.


Meditation also plays a role in slowing down racing though so that it can be easier to manage depression and anxiety. There is a wide range of meditation styles that offer variety to the user including yoga meditation and mindfulness meditation

Relaxation exercises

In response to anxiety attacks, some patients find themselves clenching their fists or tensing their muscles.  This can be helped with progressive relaxation exercises.


Writing is a form of expression which has been found to be quite effective in reducing anxiety because writers find that their anxiety is more manageable if they write about what they are going through.

Time management strategies

Some people will suffer from anxiety if they have an accumulated workload to attend to. Having a written plan in place will help in reducing the effects of anxiety.

Time management strategies, if planned effectively, can help an individual manage their working hours appropriately which will in turn reduce their anxiety.

There are people who, in an effort to achieve better time management, break down their projects into small tasks so that they can attend to these tasks with no stress.

depression and anxiety

depression and anxiety


This involves inhaling some sweet plant oils which is also another very effective natural remedy for stress and anxiety.

Cannabidiol oil

Cannabidiol oil, just like the name suggests, is derived from cannabis marijuana plants.

Unlike other compounds of marijuana, cannabidiol does not contain the compound that causes the feeling high effect.

Chronic depression and anxiety that interferes with a person’s ability to function normally through their day to day activities should be treated by a professional therapist in Auburn and not through home remedies.

However, if there is no visible underlying condition such as thyroid problem or chest pain, then therapy can work just as well as a medically induced treatment.

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