Is a California Sober Lifestyle Right for Me?

Is a California Sober Lifestyle Right For Me?

Is a California Sober Lifestyle Right for Me?

You may have heard different celebrities or even people you know personally talk about being “California Sober.” This is a trend in which people use marijuana or engage in social drinking in place of using more “dangerous” drugs. Marijuana may be legal in a lot of places throughout the country and considered by many to be relatively harmless. However, it doesn’t mean that it can’t cause other problems and lead to addiction. 

In addition, when it comes to alcohol, even what starts as social drinking can potentially spiral out of control. This can be even more likely when you’re using alcohol in place of a substance you once used heavily and depended upon. 

Choosing to try out the California Sober lifestyle is especially dangerous for those who are in recovery from past substance misuse. The goal of substance misuse recovery is to be sober of all recreational substances and alcohol, not just some of them. If you’ve struggled with addiction before, the California Sober lifestyle can quickly land you in the same spot again. At Restoration Recovery, we recommend that once you begin your recovery journey, you remain fully committed to it. 

What Does California Sober Mean?

Many people who turn to the California Sober lifestyle are looking at living a healthier life and are focused on harm reduction. They may view marijuana as a harmless drug as opposed to previous substances they were using or see no harm in engaging in light drinking. They may want to stop using “hard drugs” like heroin or cocaine, but are not committed to being fully sober. Thus, they believe the California Sober lifestyle is a healthier alternative. 

The California Sober lifestyle can be interpreted in different ways. Essentially, what California Sober means can be different from person to person. 

Despite what many may tell themselves, California Sober does not equal true sobriety. There is really only one true definition of sobriety. It means ceasing to use all substances, including marijuana and alcohol. This is why those who tell themselves they are California Sober are really not being truthful to themselves about their own sobriety. 

What Are the Dangers of Being California Sober in General?

We can look at the dangers of the California Sober lifestyle by looking at the danger of the concept of minimizing the effects of certain substances in general. It’s important to recognize that any substance, including marijuana and alcohol, can lead to potential dangers. To try and say that you’re living a healthy and sober life while still engaging in these types of substance use could potentially be inaccurate. 

Look at what we know about alcohol use, for example. Even just moderate drinking can have poor effects on your health. It can lead to weight gain and increase your risk of diabetes and heart problems. Regular alcohol use can also affect your mental health, even making problems like stress, anxiety, or depression worse. 

We can also look at the potential dangers of marijuana. Marijuana use, even in moderation, can impact brain function. It can also impact brain development, especially in a young person whose brain is not fully done developing. Marijuana use can also impact your memory and ability to focus. 

In some cases, marijuana use has even been tied to episodes of psychosis, which can be very dangerous. It may also lead to suicidal ideation. 

What Are the Dangers of Being California Sober While in Recovery?

Let’s take a look at the dangers of the California Sober lifestyle specifically for someone in recovery. When you first seek treatment for substance misuse and begin your recovery journey, you begin a whole different kind of life. You learn how to find joy, strength, and fulfillment inside of yourself, instead of turning to substance misuse.  

In addition, you also learn about the dangers associated with self-medication. While you may say that you’re only going to use marijuana or drink alcohol socially, you could quickly fall into old habits. This can be extremely dangerous. 

Consider what habits you have overcome in recovery. Perhaps it was learning productive stress management techniques instead of turning to substance misuse. Or maybe it was overcoming the feeling that you need marijuana or alcohol to relax and be yourself in social situations. Whatever these bad habits were, you’ve learned a lot and worked hard to overcome them. 

Engaging in a California Sober lifestyle while in recovery can be a very slippery slope and is not a prudent idea. Just because something may be different does not mean that it’s “better.” Remaining on the path of genuine and full recovery will lead to a much better outcome. 

At Restoration Recovery, we want to help our clients not only get sober but stay sober. We offer multiple different types of treatment options to make that happen. 

The gift of sobriety is one of the best and most fulfilling gifts that you can give yourself. It allows you to live a true and authentic life without being held down by drugs or alcohol. Substance misuse can steal your joy, but it is up to you to get it back. There is always light at the end of the tunnel if you look for it. If you’re currently struggling with a substance use disorder, there is help available. Our team at Restoration Recovery wants to help you take your life back today. Give us a call at (888) 290-0925 today to learn about how to take the next steps forward. 

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