Exploring the Types of Holistic Treatment Available at Restoration Recovery

Exploring the Types of Holistic Treatment Available at Restoration Recovery

Exploring the Types of Holistic Treatment Available at Restoration Recovery

While on your recovery journey at Restoration Recovery, you are engaging in a holistic treatment approach. This means that you are working toward creating a balance within your mind, body, and spirit. Holistic approaches are available throughout our recovery center, but you may not recognize them at first. To help you further understand the holistic options we have available, we will briefly outline the holistic therapy approaches we offer.


The practice of yoga is not just about performing postures. It is a process of internal transformation that leads to a harmonious interaction between mind and body. Yoga at Restoration Recovery provides a place of refuge where you can practice gentle stretches, controlled breathing, and mindfulness for you to turn inward and reconnect with yourself. While flowing through the postures you let go of the tension, clear the chatter of the mind, and cultivate inner peace. Yoga is not only beneficial for physical flexibility and strength but also acts as an effective form of stress management, anxiety, and regulating cravings.


There is a deep well of healing and rejuvenation in the rhythm of your breathing. At Restoration Recovery, breathwork practices access the healing dynamic of conscious breathing, providing an opening to inner peace and release. During guided breathwork sessions, you discover the way of using the breath to calm your nerves, quiet your overruling thoughts, and release suppressed emotions. Growing your sense of awareness to the breath, you gain the source of energy and tranquility that allows you to move through the difficulties of recovery with grace and strength.


A key goal of meditation is to find the core of yourself. Through the practice of meditation, you can allow yourself to go beyond the mess of addiction and the noise of the mind. Restoration Recovery provides meditation as an opportunity to gain a sense of inner peace and self-awareness. Engaging in guided meditation, you are taught to focus your attention on the present moment, letting thoughts come and go without judgment or attachment. Meditation develops mental clarity, emotional strength, and the spirit of unity, enabling profound insights for personal change. 

Essential Oils

A powerful friend in your healing path is the wonderful fragrance of essential oils. Aromatherapy utilizes the medicinal benefits of plant extracts. These extracts help to enhance your health in body, mind, and spirit. Essential oils provide an all-round approach to relaxation, stress relief, and mood enhancement via diffusion in the air, topical application, or direct inhalation. All these oils carry their signature healing powers – from lavender to chamomile – and the gentle hug of comfort and restoration is offered. You open up to healing and rejuvenation and develop a deeper intimacy with yourself and the world around you while letting the favorable aromas help you in your journey.


The practice of mindfulness is not just a practice but a way of being, a deliberate decision to welcome every instant with awareness and tolerance. Mindfulness is the silent thread that runs through your entire journey at Restoration Recovery, from the daily schedule to therapy interventions. It is all about living and enjoying the present, soaking up in the wealth of life without letting past guilt or future worries affect where you are right now. This practice can help you to truly make the most out of your recovery and help you to find a sense of enjoyment within the process.

It often takes time to develop comfort within the practice of mindfulness. Allowing yourself to accept where you are currently at in your mindfulness practice is essential. At first, you may just be practicing awareness of your current mindset, refocusing on the breath each time your mind strays toward a random thought. After some practice, you will be able to maintain this state of mind for a longer time.

Music Therapy

The universal language of music provides a deep path to healing and self-expression. Music therapy at Restoration Recovery allows you an opportunity to express feelings through music, remove stress, and re-discover a sense of inner harmony. Through listening, singing, or playing instruments, music can act as a healthy form of emotional expression. It goes beyond written words, penetrating right into the soul, and accessing the places where words alone cannot reach. This therapeutic method is a great way to find your inner voice.

We hope that learning more about the different holistic approaches that we offer can help shed light on the importance of taking a holistic approach. By having different options available, you can explore various practices and find one that meets your current recovery needs. Many of these practices can also be utilized throughout your long-term recovery. Once you learn how to do some of these, you can implement them into your daily routine and explore aspects of these holistic therapeutic modalities on your own.

The various options of integrative therapies provided at Restoration Recovery can give you an integrative map for your healing path, full of self-realization and change. Yoga, breathwork, meditation, essential oils, mindfulness, and music therapy, among others, take you on a journey of holistic healing through recovery. Make your first step today toward a sober lifestyle. Engagement in these holistic practices can help set you up for long-term success in your healing journey. To learn more information about any of these specific practices or to learn more about the other therapeutic modalities offered, reach out to us at Restoration Recovery today at (888) 290-0925. We look forward to growing our well-being together.

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