How to Talk with Family or Friends about Their Drinking Problem?

drinking problem

The thing you need to understand before getting into this topic is that a drinking problem or a drug addiction is not just a bad habit but more of an illness that needs proper medical attention. If you come to know that someone in your friends or family has gotten into this illness, you need to approach the problem properly as you have the life of the person in your hands. There is no one perfect way to talk to an addict but there are some factors that you need to consider before approaching someone with a drinking problem.

drinking problem
drinking problem
  • Do it at the Right Time 

There is a rule that goes without saying that never talk to a druggie about their addiction problem when they are under influence. If you do that, it will do more harm than good. Talk to the person when they are sober and in a positive mood and keep the conversation friendly and light. Remember, this is not something you can talk to someone once and they’ll follow what you say. This will take time; you will have to have multiple conversations. Keep doing it, but, at the correct time. Slowly talk them into getting the help they don’t realize they need. 

  • Be Positive and Supportive 

You do not need to offend someone with a drinking problem and lose the chance of making things right. Once you are sure that the person is sober, approach them with a mild conversation. Talk to them about how people get into and out of addiction and it is not the end of your life if you are addicted. Make it clear to them that you will be there for them on the road to redemption. You don’t only have to say that but also stand by your words. Provide any mental, emotional, or moral support they might need.

  • Detail the Consequences of a Drinking Problem 

Everyone knows the medical, emotional, social, and economic implications of a drinking problem until they start consuming problematic amounts of liquor. You need to remind the person what the ramifications are. Make them realize that they are putting their life, their job, their relationships, and their family at risk by getting into a drinking problem. Talk to them about the thing they are passionate about, tell them, for example, they’ll not get to attend their daughter’s graduation ceremony if they keep drinking like that or that they will not be able to keep supporting their family. 

  • Show them the Beautiful Side of Things 

Life has a lot of amazing things other than drinking. Things you can enjoy, things you can live for. Make the person realize that they can enjoy life in its totality only if they control their drinking habits. Make them realize that what has caused them to develop a drinking problem was not the end of the world and there is a whole lot in the world that they can enjoy once they get rid of their drinking issue.

  • Persuade them to Get Medical Attention 

It can be hard or even impossible to quit drinking without proper medical attention if someone is caught in addiction. Most of the time, people with a drinking problem are reluctant to go to the doctor and get medical help. Make them realize that this is an illness just like having diabetes or hypertension and they need to seek medical attention before things get out of hand.

To Sum-up:

drinking problem
drinking problem

A drinking problem can lead to severe health issues and is a leading cause of liver cancer and liver failure. If someone in your friends or family is caught in this illness, time is of the essence and they need to get medical attention fast. Talk to them with a positive attitude and in a supportive tone and get them to get help. Restoration Recovery Center can help you with that.


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