Auburn California Sober Living Environment

Auburn California Sober Living Environment

Sober Living Environment

Looking for a sober living environment? Maintaining abstinence from alcohol and drugs is difficult without a friendly, drug-free environment following treatment. That’s why you need a sober living environment which is a safe and supportive place for recovering addicts to live during their first months out of addiction. A sober living environment is not only for those who have just completed a rehab program but also for those seeking an alternative to formal addiction treatment.

sober living environment

sober living environment

Addiction recovery is a lifelong journey. While there are various addiction treatment options such as a simple detox or rehab programs, living sober requires continued commitment and care. For many returning home after addiction treatment can make it difficult to truly live a sober life. Fortunately, sober living environments help patients live in a place where there are no temptations of alcohol or drugs. Also, in these places, patients can restore and reinforce their sober life skills learned in the treatment program.

Why you should opt for a sober living environment

There are many reasons why you should opt for a sober living environment following your addiction treatment program. Here are the reasons:

  1. Continued guidance and support

Following your treatment program, you need to be around people who will support you in your recovery journey. That’s exactly what you will get in a sober living environment. You will be around people who support your recovery and will hold you responsible daily. You will receive constant guidance and support through your recovery and should any issues arise such as down emotions, extreme cravings or any other potential issues, there will be people to help you.

You will interact with people who have had the same experiences and who know what it is like to experience alcohol or drug addiction, completing a treatment program and living a sober life after treatment. Their advice can be really helpful when you need it most.

  1. You will build sober relationships 

When you’re in a sober living environment, you will build meaningful, sober relationships with people who are also in recovery. You will share the same experiences such as what it is like to use drugs, to be depressed, to lose control or to crave drugs. You will inspire each other on your desire to change and become the best possible people living sober lives.

A sober living environment can help reduce loneliness, which is a part of the addiction cycle. You will have people around you having the same experiences. These people, eventually, will start feeling like your family or community and you will always support and understand each other.

  1. Rebuild and restore life skills

In a sober living environment, you will learn how to create a regime and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You will restore important life skills such as personal responsibility and even finding employment. You will also learn and apply interpersonal skills, financial skills, and various practical skills that will help take care of yourself without having to turn to drugs.

  1. Easily get back to mainstream life

A sober living environment bridges the gap between treatment and mainstream life so that you can have an easier transition to mainstream life which is riddled with work, nightlife, relationships and more. In a sober living environment, you will have a sense of what real sober life is, beyond the structures of a rehab.

Where to Find a Sober Living Environment Near Sacramento or Auburn CA?

sober living environment

sober living environment

Sober living environments are important in the drug addiction recovery of patients. People will not have access to alcohol, drugs or addictive prescriptions. You will be surrounded by people who will support your recovery and hold you accountable for your actions.

If your looking for a sober living environment then contact us at Restoration Recovery Center, we offer addiction treatment near Sacramento and are located in Auburn California. Contact us today for more information on how we can help. 

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