Holistic Addiction Treatment in Auburn California

Holistic Addiction Treatment in Auburn California

Holistic Addiction treatment


Alcohol and drug abuse are serious problems that affect millions of people every year. There are many different types of addiction treatments and some can be used along with others. Holistic drug addiction treatment can be an effective treatment when offered alongside other drug abuse treatments. Addiction is some form of a mental disorder since it manipulates the chemistry of the brain. It also affects the body and spirit. That’s why addiction treatment should focus on the entire elements of an individual – the mind, body, and spirit. Holistic addiction treatment focuses on these three aspects of an individual, thus creating a strong foundation for a successful recovery. At Restore Recovery Center, we use an integrated approach to alcohol and drug addiction treatment that includes holistic and traditional treatments.

What is Holistic Addiction Treatment? 

Holistic treatment refers to addressing the various systems of the body as a whole rather than separate and unrelated systems. Addiction does not only affect one system of the body, but also every system of your body and every part of your life. By recognizing the fact that drug addiction is a combination of neurological changes, repeated behaviors, and physical cravings, we can treat the patient as a whole, meaning, body, mind, and spirit. This helps us address the root causes of addiction and the various physical symptoms associated with substance use disorder.

holistic addiction treatment

holistic addiction treatment

Here are the benefits of holistic addiction treatment:

Treatment of the Whole Person 

Holistic addiction treatment focuses on all the body systems – mind, body, and spirit. At Restore Recovery Center, we follow the concept that all the systems of the body must be healthy for a person to lead a healthy and addiction-free life. Addiction treatment should not only be focused on the physical symptoms but should also be focused on every distinct part of an individual. This leads to complete healing whereby one will be less likely to relapse and more likely to have a successful recovery journey.

Compassionate and Serene Environment for Treatment

Holistic treatment professionals at Restore Recovery Center, focus on providing the patient compassionate and serene environment that encourages openness and helps them find their path to recovery. These professionals are equipped with knowledge and skills, and experience in addressing the difficulties brought about by addiction. In turn, they can provide the best environment for an addict. Patients benefit from therapeutic interventions that convey compassion and empathy for the difficulties they’re facing.

Long-term Success

Holistic addiction treatment is associated with high rates of long-term success. Various holistic therapies such as practicing mindfulness and meditation provide long-term benefits for several common issues experienced by those with alcohol and drug use disorders. Holistic treatment can result in the complete recovery of many patients. Therefore, fewer patients are likely to fall into relapse.

Wide Selection of Diverse Treatment Options

Alcohol and drug addiction patients usually have their own unique needs. At Restore Recovery Center, we use a wide selection of treatment options for patients based on their unique needs. Through a holistic approach, all the body systems are treated equally.

holistic addiction treatment

holistic addiction treatment


Holistic addiction treatment is successful because it addresses the person as a whole where all the body systems are treated successfully. With our holistic approach, patients become aware of how addiction has harmed their mind, body, and spiritual wellbeing. This helps them begin their path towards recovery.

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