Group Therapy for Addiction Treatment in Auburn California

Group Therapy for Addiction Treatment in Auburn California

Group Therapy For Addiction Treatment


There are various kinds of treatment for drug addiction such as medication management, individual therapy, and family therapy. Group therapy is another essential element of effective drug addiction treatment. Group therapy encompasses various therapies aimed at reducing the symptoms and promoting the recovery of two or more individuals. This type of therapy is led by a trained leader, and thus, it is quite different from a family therapy, especially because the members in the group usually do not have a pre-existing relationship outside the group.

group therapy

group therapy

Seeking help and even opening up to a therapist or counselor may seem difficult enough let alone opening up to a small group of people. However, group therapy for addiction treatment is very effective and it can promote a culture similar to that of trust between close friends. Let’s learn more about group therapy for addiction treatment.

What is Group Therapy for Drug Addiction?

Group therapy is a form of counseling or therapy that’s used to treat drug addiction. This type of treatment happens in regular sessions which are led by one or more therapists with two or more individuals who are being treated for the same addiction. Members in a group therapy usually benefit from the peer support common in the sessions.

What are the benefits of group therapy?

Group therapy is an indispensable element of alcohol and drug addiction recovery, and it has proven to be effective over the decades. Here are the benefits of group therapy for drug addiction:

  • Group therapy allows you to interact with other group members who are being treated for the same addiction. This can be very helpful for people who are just beginning the process.
  • In a group setting members to become aware that they’re not alone in the recovery process. There are other members in the group going through the same process, and hence they can confidently share information and experiences. This is very helpful as it fosters confidence and self-esteem.
  • Being in a group, members can learn and even try out new behaviors. These behaviors can relate to being in a safe environment and their thinking which can be helpful before getting out into the real world.
  • Being in a group means that you have a support system. This support system can help you overcome an addiction or any other mental health disorder. Naturally, people can learn and grow in the presence of others.

During group therapies, the leading therapist is always prepared with a structured platform that controls the session and provides feedback as well as additional advice that will help all members make continuous progress.

Where to go for Group Therapy

Participating in group therapy for drug addiction is a good decision, but where should you go for group therapy? At Restoration Recovery Center, we offer a full menu of group therapies designed to address both drug and alcohol addiction and other psychological issues you may be dealing with.

group therapy

group therapy


Group therapy is an important element of alcohol and drug addiction treatment and recovery. Patients realize that they are not alone in the recovery process and also they get a sense of belonging and can learn from the experiences of others going through the same process. At Restoration Recovery Center, we can help you select the group that you’re most suited for in your recovery.

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