Christian Counseling Services in Auburn California

Christian counseling

Christian Counseling Services in Auburn California

Christian Counseling


Sometimes in life, you might feel you need the help of professional counseling to overcome a personal struggle or relationships. Christian counseling, just like secular counseling is designed to help people overcome their problems. Christian counseling allows individuals to handle issues holistically based on three dimensions – body, mind, and spirit. All of these three dimensions play an important part in our health and happiness.

Christian counseling

Christian counseling

Christian counseling taps on the individual’s Christian faith, where counselors use biblical principles in their counseling techniques. People in addiction recovery can greatly benefit from Christian counseling in many ways. The biblical principles used in counseling techniques can help you recover and stay sober. Also, your faith will be strengthened, thus helping you address your internal issues and speed up your recovery. Do you feel or someone you love needs Christian counseling? Here’s what Christian counseling can do for you.

Why you should choose Christian Counseling? 

  1. Enhances Moral Values

Christian counseling is based on biblical principles where it recognizes the higher authority, thus it promotes godliness. Godliness is one of the virtues that you develop when you adopt positive values. You will understand on a deeper level what it means to live a righteous life as a Christian. This, in turn, will greatly help you live an addiction-free and fulfilling life. You will learn the principles that will lead you to enjoy the abundant life that’s spoken of in the scriptures. Additionally, Christian counseling will help you realize that you’re not traveling life’s journey alone.

  1. Promotes Positive Relationships 

Christian counseling promotes positive relationships whereby you will learn how to be nice around people and build more meaningful relationships. Most of the time, people with a particular type of addiction tend to stay in toxic or poor relationships and they may not treat others with respect and dignity. Christian counseling fosters personal development and also promotes positive, loving relationships with people.

  1. It uses the Truths of the Bible

Christian counseling embraces absolute truths. Most of the time, people are advised to listen to their hearts and do what they think is right. However, this is not always the best advice as the human heart can be deceitful sometimes. Christian counseling is guided by the absolute truths of the Bible. This type of counseling can provide the needed healing and life change.

  1. Fosters Hope 

The Bible talks about an eternal afterlife with God. Christian counseling fosters real hope for the wonderful afterlife where there will be no pain and suffering. This hope will help you find hope in overcoming your addiction and live a happy and fulfilling life.

  1. Focused on Real Healing

Other types of counseling do not focus a lot on deep emotional and spiritual suffering. Christian counseling recognizes that spiritual and emotional healing are important aspects of overcoming struggles in human beings. Through this counseling a person will have a closer relationship with God, hence real healing happens.

Christian counseling

Christian counseling


Christian counseling can be very helpful in your addiction recovery or even dealing with mental health disorders and personal struggles. This type of counseling is based on biblical principles which can help you walk through life’s challenges with hope, love, and courage. Restoration Recovery Center provides professional Christian counseling to all of our clients upon request.

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