How Can Christian Counseling Help With An Addiction?

How Can Christian Counseling Help With An Addiction?

How does Christian Counseling and addiction relate?

Addiction to substances can result in intense fear and shame in an individual. Isolation and secrecy are often part and parcel of drug addiction and substance abuse. There are a lot of reasons why addiction victims might hide their addiction struggles from their friends and family. In most cases, it’s because of the shame and embarrassment associated with drug abuse. At times, addiction patients are in denial and are reluctant to admit that their addiction problem is out of control. They find it difficult to talk to others about their addiction lives in fear of losing access to the substance.

Christian counseling

Christian counseling

What Is Christian counseling?

Christian counseling is among the ancient forms of addiction treatment, going back to the 17th century. Dr. Benjamin Rush realized that there were people who had overcome substance addiction through faith, and this had resulted in the widespread of Christian revivals focusing on addiction treatments, that were specifically focused on helping addiction victims. 

Christian counseling treatment at Auburn Addiction Treatment Center is founded on biblical principles that encourage surrender to the will of God, instead of conforming to the human will, as the best treatment method for drug addiction. Christian counseling can be quite beneficial to individuals who were spiritual at one point in their lives, because it would help them rebuild their faith.

Topics Covered in Christian Counseling

Christians, just like everybody else, struggle with various areas of their lives, and substance addiction can make this even worse. Christian counseling treatment method incorporates an individual’s faith in God with a training on how to avoid the thoughts of substance abuse. 

Addiction can plague the life of a Christian. It exhibits 3 negative effects, these are:

  • The victim replaces God with the abuse of a substance, which is equivalent to idol worship
  • Addiction takes away the control of God In a person’s life, and they get a false feeling of control.
  • The fear-based behavior of addiction replaces the faith-in-God based behavior.

The counselors at Restoration recovery Center will help guide a drug addiction patient through the biblical addiction treatment. Resolving the 3 areas above in a person who has been negatively affected by drug addiction will help them transition smoothly from drug dependency to a long-lasting recovery. 

How does Secular Counseling compare to Christian Counseling?

One of the key components used in secular treatment methods for drug addiction is looking for a mentor who can help with the accountability and counseling of the patient. This mentor in most cases, is a psychiatrist, psychologist, life coach, or any individual who is compassionate and committed. 

The main emphasis in secular treatment is accomplishing sobriety by voluntarily making healthy choices and through an intentional social connections, such as adhering to weekly support groups. Secular treatment is best for addiction patients who have high self-belief values over traditional or religious beliefs.

Christian counseling

Church servant counselor doing spiritual counseling to a young man studying the Bible

The major difference in the effectiveness of Christian Counseling and secular-based addiction treatment is an individual’s personal beliefs, especially when they are seeking help. A patient’s personal or religious belief can play a big role in the success rate of their treatment program. 

Remember, before you settle for either of these recovery methods it is always good to read through several testimonies from past patients and to observe the client-care provided by the California Christian Counseling center even after the completion of the treatment. 

If you’re ready to seek either Secular or Christian counseling for a drug abuse or alcohol addiction problem, please contact The Restoration Recovery Center!

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