How To Choose The Most Suitable Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center

outpatient addiction treatment center

How To Choose The Most Suitable Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center

An outpatient treatment facility allows patients to attend treatment sessions daily, then, later on, return home to their healthy lives with a daily appointment to follow their treatment sessions. 

The difference between inpatient residential treatment and outpatient treatment is that the person in inpatient treatment resides in the treatment facility. They never leave the facility unless on special occasions. Every patient in an inpatient facility will, at one point in their treatment journey, be engaged in an outpatient treatment program. 

outpatient addiction treatment center

outpatient addiction treatment center

Outpatient treatment addresses a majority of the patient’s need in the treatment sessions at a less expensive method. Therefore, have you been asking yourself “what type of information do I need to know before I start looking for an outpatient addiction treatment center in Auburn California?’, then worry no more. 

Below are some tips to help you find the most suitable outpatient treatment facility near you.

Conduct an assessment to figure out the type of treatment that is most suitable for your case

Before settling on a certain outpatient addiction treatment center in California, get an evaluation from a professional certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. 

Inpatient treatment is not meant for everyone. Some people would do just fine with an intensive outpatient program. In most cases, the doctors only advise for an inpatient treatment program if the patient is unable to stabilize in their recovery and is unable to perform the normal activities of a daily lifestyle. 

Patients who find it difficult to cope with withdrawal symptoms also qualify for an inpatient treatment program. For the cases that are not so severe, an outpatient treatment program would do just fine.

Get an outpatient facility with all the resources that you need.

A lot of people with a substance use disorder also have other chronic conditions such as anxiety or depression. Before settling for a particular outpatient addiction treatment center, look up their website to find out if they have resources such as counselors. You can also check to find out if they have ever dealt with dual-diagnosis. 

You can call the facility directly to inquire about the resources listed on their website, if you are in doubt about a particular service. 

Does the outpatient rehab use medication?

If you are looking for treatment for opioid addiction and would perhaps opt for taking prescription medication to treat the drug dependency, you should get an outpatient drug rehab that has that option. The Restoration Recovery center uses both medication and abstinence models to treat opioid addiction. 

Look for a facility with longevity

Where possible, look for an outpatient addiction treatment center that has been in business for more than five years. This does not mean that there is something wrong with newly established facilities. Some of them are fine, but some opportunistic businesses would seek to take advantage of the high demand for such services.

outpatient addiction treatment center

outpatient addiction treatment center

Luxury does not always equate to quality

Pricier facilities have posh resources, such as pools and private rooms. The location of such facilities is also very strategic, mostly in upscale regions, mountains, or near oceans. Be very careful, however, because posh services do not automatically mean quality services. Restoration Recovery Center is a standard facility, but their services cannot be compared to any other facility, no matter the luxurious level.

Even if you are lucky enough to get an outpatient treatment spot at a quality facility in California, know that it is your  responsibility to follow the treatment plan. The Restoration Recovery center uses a 12-step model which offers a support group meeting based in their drug rehab center Auburn, CA, to help patients adhere to their treatment program. 

You will definitely want to check out this outpatient drug rehab in Auburn, CA if you are looking for an affordable and effective way to recover.

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