How Does Therapeutic Recreation As a Drug Addiction Treatment Work?

therapeutic recreation as a drug addiction treatment

How Does Therapeutic Recreation As a Drug Addiction Treatment Work?

Some of the most outstanding benefits of therapeutic recreation as a drug addiction treatment revolve around improved mental and physical wealth 

How does recreational activities help drug addiction patients?

The Restoration Recovery Center in Auburn, CA uses some intervention methods such as recreation, which are meant to help the recovering individuals regain their mental and physical health. 

Addiction recovery centers that make use of a holistic approach of treatment often feature interventions that are aimed at addressing the connection between the body and mind. This is also referred to as therapeutic recreation. 

therapeutic recreation as a drug addiction treatment

therapeutic recreation as a drug addiction treatment

Most benefits of recreational activities in addiction treatment come into play when it is time to fill your free time immediately after quitting substance abuse. 

Most patients do not know what to do during their free time after becoming sober. Before treatment, these patients would spend most of their time getting and using drugs and alcohol. But after coming from the addiction treatment center in Auburn, through the recovery process, boredom might gradually set in especially if they are not actively participating in any activity to fill out their time. 

This article explains how therapeutic recreation as a drug addiction treatment works, and some of the techniques used to avoid relapse. 

Therapeutic Recreation creates a break from the intense activities involved in recovery

Recreational therapy exposes the recovering patients to new interests and activities as a way to give a break from the activities involved in the recovery process.

Most of the individuals recovering from substance abuse are used to spending most of their time getting or using drugs and alcohol. Participating in fun activities with an enjoyable setting fills the empty spaces left by substance abuse. 

Therapeutic Recreation helps the patient to maintain sobriety in the long run

New friendships created during the recreational activities will help you maintain sobriety since you have enough moral support from people who are going through the same process as you are. This works as a form of encouragement to fight off the temptation of going back to substance abuse, through sharing with your peers. Therapeutic recreation as a drug addiction treatment introduces a fun way of avoiding trouble through engaging in things that makes you happy and content

Participating in Fun recreational Activities Eliminates Boredom

Boredom is one of the primary culprits that encourage relapse of a patient who is on a journey to recovery. 

If the patient has a lot of free time, which is spent doing nothing or watching TV, they may fall into the temptation of contacting their old drinking buddies. What follows after this, in most cases, is a relapse. 

This is why The Auburn Rehabilitation Center incorporates leisure activities as part of the treatment process as an effort to spark some interest in various sober activities.

The Activities are meant to increase an individual’s dedication to recovery 

One of the primary focuses of therapeutic recreation as a drug addiction treatment is to teach patients how to manage stress and have fun without necessarily using substances. 

Exposing the patients to activities which they enjoy is a way of making sure that when they wake up every day, they have something to look forward to so that their minds are always occupied. 

This way, there is no space for relapse or boredom. By setting some achievable short time fitness goals, the recovering individuals can realize that they are able to accomplish things that they previously thought to be impossible easily. This will motivate more to do more, which will, in turn, increase their dedication to recovery.

therapeutic recreation as a drug addiction treatment

therapeutic recreation as a drug addiction treatment

Nature has some highly therapeutic and restoration effects 

For individuals under addiction treatment for drugs and alcohol, outdoor leisure activities give them a chance to refocus all their energy to the recovery process and to rest their minds. 

This will improve their attention span and relieve stress significantly.

Consequently, this will lead to reduced depression, blood pressure, anxiety, and enhance relaxation. If this is combined with guidance from the psychologists or counselors, it will result in a new sense of accomplishment and purpose, which will encourage the patients to yearn for long term sobriety.

Exercise and other recreational activities are an essential part of a therapeutic recreation as a drug addiction treatment. 

If it is, however, not encouraged enough of part of the rehab experience, it does not contribute much to the treatment process. 

The Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Auburn focuses on the motto that an active role in sober recreational activities can lead to a more rewarding and fuller life. Join us today, and we will make your journey to recovery as comfortable as it can get, while making sure that you enjoy and have fun.

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