The Importance of Empathy in California Treatment Facilities

The Importance of Empathy in California Treatment Facilities

The Importance of Empathy in California Treatment Facilities

California treatment centers can differ greatly in size, price, philosophy, and treatments. There’s a lot to consider when looking for a recovery facility program. Perhaps the most important thing to consider is the type of people you want to surround yourself with. The people who make up your environment will have a significant impact on your social and mental health.

You want to attend a recovery program where the staff is attentive and caring to your needs. A facility should give you the grounds to facilitate friendships with peers and grow your support network. Their staff should be invested in your recovery post-completion of treatment and set you up with the tools and resources you need to have a successful recovery.

Empathy vs. Sympathy in California Treatment Facilities

The California treatment facility you go to should have an empathetic staff. Empathy is different from sympathy. It involves an effort of understanding and a sense of compassion. Sympathy can be described as pity. It’s often given out of social pressure instead of a place of genuine caring. When a person gives you sympathy, they don’t make the effort to truly understand you or the distressing circumstances you’ve experienced.

On the other hand, when a person extends empathy, they make an active effort to understand your distress. They listen to your needs; they don’t just hear them. They’ll ask you questions to clarify what you’re trying to tell them and repeat what you say back to you to make sure they’re understanding correctly.

The difference between sympathy and empathy is a sense of compassion. Compassion is motivated by love. This means that the effort to understand the distressed person is genuine. When staff members at a recovery facility offer you empathy, they are offering a space free of judgment to express your feelings.

Empathy at Smaller CaliforniaTreatment Facilities

Of course, you can’t meet with every staff member of a treatment facility before choosing a recovery program. However, you can look at a treatment’s center philosophy and size. Smaller California treatment facilities tend to give more attention to their individual clients. In smaller facilities, the staff will have more time to get to know you, allowing them to give you the sincerity and empathy that you deserve. At a large facility, staff members are likely to be stretched thin and may not have time to lend you more than their sympathy.

Facilities that prioritize making real connections with their clients make it easier for staff members to be empathetic to a client’s specific circumstances. Staff members at a smaller facility will have more time to get to know you and treat you as a person, not just a number.

Nonjudgemental Spaces in California Treatment Facilities

Providing a nonjudgemental space for people to process their emotions is essential for emotional growth. A judgemental staff makes it more difficult to express your thoughts and feelings. This could be especially true if you struggle with rejection or generally have difficulties trusting others, both of which are prevalent symptoms of many co-occurring mental health disorders.

Honesty is a large part of the recovery process. You need to be honest with yourself and your therapist to have meaningful sessions that produce meaningful change. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to recovery. Honesty is never easy, but it’s easier to be honest in a safe space that is free from judgment than in a space where you’re afraid of being guilted or shamed.

Being in a facility with a non-judgemental staff can help you be less judgemental toward yourself and others. The attitudes of a facility’s staff members influence its clients. This means that a facility that has a judgemental staff can cause their clients to be more judgemental of themselves and others. Being in a judgemental environment could make it more difficult for you to connect with your peers and grow your support network.

Finding Empathetic Facilities

There are many different websites and resources that can help you find treatment centers in your area that are capable of treating substance use disorder (SUD). While a search engine is a good place to start, it’s not enough to get a feel of a facility’s staff and culture. You can do this by visiting a facility’s website or visiting the facility in person. It’s also wise to look for recommendations from friends or doctors who know you better than a search engine. They’ll be able to direct you toward facilities that are more suitable to your specific needs related to substance use and mental health.

Having empathetic people in your life will foster healthy relationships with yourself and others. Empathetic people are good to have in your support system because they are reliable and understanding. When you are able to find empathy in others, people are more likely to find empathy in you.

A smaller treatment center is more likely to have an empathetic staff than a larger treatment center. You deserve a safe, non-judgmental space where your voice is heard, and you can develop healthier behaviors. Restoration Recovery Centers is a small California treatment center that will give you the attention you deserve. We understand that you are a complex person and will treat you as such. We offer a variety of treatment options that can help you find the tools you need to have a successful recovery. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use disorder, please call us at (888) 290-0925 to learn how we can help you be inspired on your recovery journey.

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