How Can Christian Counseling Help One With HIV/AIDS Manage Their Mental Health?

How Can Christian Counseling Help One With HIV/AIDS Manage Their Mental Health?

How Can Christian Counseling Help One With HIV/AIDS Manage Their Mental Health?

Many individuals face challenges with their mental health after being newly diagnosed with human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS). Several different areas of one’s life may be affected, as this condition requires lifelong treatment. Staying consistent with self-help strategies, remaining abstinent from harmful substances, and getting in touch with the local community can be beneficial. Although this can be helpful, participating in Christian counseling at Restoration Recovery can make a world of difference in helping one manage their mental health

The Link Between HIV/AIDS and Depression

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), HIV attacks an individual’s immune system. If the condition is left untreated, one may be at an increased risk of developing AIDS. Research has discovered that HIV may have been passed onto humans through infected food in the early 1800s. Today, the virus is likely to be contracted through syringes, sexual intercourse, childbirth, and even breastfeeding. 

Living with a serious disease or health condition, especially one that has no cure, can affect an individual’s mental health. It can also be difficult to deal with hurtful stereotypes and stigma from others regarding one’s illness. Dating can be challenging as well. An individual must find they can trust their partner before sharing personal health history before intimacy. Doing so will protect both themselves and their partner. Taking time from personal life for appointments can feel quite hectic. The medication side effects can take a toll on an individual’s physical and mental health as well.

Those with an HIV/AIDS diagnosis are likely to face difficulty with their mood. An individual facing problems with their condition may present a higher risk of experiencing advanced anxiety, mood, or cognitive disorders. For instance, major depression is one of the most common mental health disorders those with HIV face today. 

What Is Christian Counseling?

Studies have reported that both religion and spirituality have positive effects on an individual’s overall well-being. Psychotherapists have used religious therapy such as Christian counseling in psychotherapy to give a more whole-person approach. Christian counseling is known to effectively treat those having difficulty managing their depression, anxiety, or identity crisis. It is a form of religious cognitive-behavioral therapy (RCBT) used specifically for those who have a religious background as a foundation to lessen depressive symptoms. Christian counseling works to enhance religious beliefs and practices, facilitate a positive mindset, and decrease negative thought patterns. 

What Individuals Can Expect From Christian Counseling When Trying to Manage Their Mental Health

Everyone at some point in their life experiences a downfall that may put their physical and mental health in jeopardy. This includes even the most faith-based Christians. An individual with a religious background may have a specific way of living but might still carry a sinful past or have problems maintaining a Christian attitude. Participating in Christian counseling can help one stay on track to a more structured religious routine for increased mental stability. 

Depression is highly prevalent in those with an illness such as HIV/AIDS that already puts them at risk for mortality. Studies have found that major depression is likely to be associated with excess burden. This may consist of elevated rates of medical costs, morbidity, and mortality. Certain strategies may be used to help one replace depressive thoughts with a more optimistic way of thinking while encouraging faith for internal strength. Special techniques are used within a typical intervention to help an individual find daily gratitude, altruism, and forgiveness to move forward. Primary techniques used in religious counseling include: 

  • Scripture memorization to refresh one’s mind
  • Contemplative prayer for ongoing healing
  • Religious teachings for learned strategies
  • Engaging in religious practices to develop a healthy routine
  • Encouragement for involvement in one’s religious community

The Benefits Individuals Receive From Participating in Christian Counseling Services When Attempting to Manage Their Mental Health

Living with HIV/AIDS can bring on intense sadness and depression. The condition is known to bring on feelings of anger, embarrassment, and hopelessness. Participating in Christian counseling at Restoration Recovery can help those who are attempting to manage their mental health achieve ongoing mental stability. We provide those facing challenges with their HIV/AIDS diagnosis a safe and zero-judgment environment. 

Restoration Recovery’s team of specialists thoroughly understands that HIV/AIDs can negatively affect many different aspects of one’s life. Everyone deserves to heal from the effects of their condition. Choosing to move forward with our treatment facility’s Christian rehab and Christian counseling can provide several benefits for a better quality of life. Some advantages that come from participating in religious interventions commonly include: 

  • Gained answers to religious questions and concerns 
  • Treating relationship issues with one’s marriage, family, and friends 
  • Receiving emotional and psychological faith-based support
  • A safe place to confide 
  • Access to Christian support groups
  • Reduction in negative religious coping strategies such as abandonment from God
  • Religious activities for enjoyment

At our California recovery center, our serene setting helps clients achieve not just wellness, but wholeness. Restoration Recovery Center offers an integrative health approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment and includes holistic services such as Christian counseling specifically designed to support the recovery process by healing the body, mind, and spirit. We believe that a supportive and therapeutic community can provide inspiration for a stronger foundation. Choosing the right treatment center can be one of the most pivotal moments in your life. Call Restoration Recovery at (888) 290-0925 to discuss the benefits of participating in Christian counseling services for a more comfortable life while living with the effects of HIV/AIDS. 

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