Spiritually Using Christian Counseling as a Catalyst for Addiction Recovery

Spiritually Using Christian Counseling as a Catalyst for Addiction Recovery

Spiritually Using Christian Counseling as a Catalyst for Addiction Recovery

Navigating the stages of addiction and coping while in recovery can be a serious challenge for some individuals. Early recovery can sometimes be a very sensitive time. The transition typically requires a significant amount of change when moving forward. This can be especially so when facing challenges with a dual diagnosis. It is common for one to feel alone even though there is an entire sober community out there that offers ongoing support. Sometimes, getting in touch with one’s spiritual side can be just what one may need. Praising a higher power can help one safely and effectively overcome addiction. Moving forward with Restoration Recovery’s Christian Counseling can help one achieve long-term sobriety for a better quality of life. 

Why Would One Need Spiritual Support?

For some individuals, accepting other avenues of support may feel defeating. One may feel embarrassed as reaching out for help may sometimes be perceived as weak by others. It can also be difficult for some individuals to seek or accept support. Many feel they are expected to have the strength to respond to substance triggers outside of treatment. Even once treatment has been completed, triggers will always be present with addiction. In recovery, cravings may seem less intense if proper changes are made. Different sacrifices that one may make include: 

  • Moving away from an area with unwanted exposure
  • Switching jobs
  • Taking time from one typical routine to receive aftercare services
  • Removing toxic friendships
  • Discontinuing bad habits

As noted in a study called “The Relationship of Social Support to Treatment Entry and Engagement: The Community Assessment Inventory,” although one may be making the right changes in recovery, unwanted triggers may still be problematic. Social support from family members, spouses, and peers has been shown to play a significant role in an individual’s recovery. Although a recovery coach can assist with aftercare services, exploring spiritual support can be a safe, private place to build inner strength and effectively cope while in recovery. 

What Is Christian Counseling?

Making the decision to participate in Christian counseling can be highly beneficial for some individuals. Although one may already have a strong sense of faith, incorporating Christian counseling into traditional talk therapy can be a beneficial choice moving forward. Christian counseling can provide spiritual advice for those seeking guidance in their journey through recovery. Therapy can provide support when an individual may be failing to keep spiritual strength. 

Participating in Christian counseling can also help give one a greater understanding of Christianity to gain the most benefit from each session. Depending on the facility chosen, this unique type of therapy can sometimes be intertwined with an individual’s typical sessions with a trained specialist for added benefit. Sessions are generally performed by a Christian therapist who uses biblical concepts with standardized techniques to help one achieve success. 

Benefits of Participating in Christian Counseling for Addiction Recovery

Based on a focus-group study on spirituality and substance abuse treatment, many individuals have reported spirituality as a helpful influence while in recovery from addiction. It was found that a majority of participants agreed that integrating spiritual intervention into one’s original treatment plan was highly preferred in contrast with alternative methods. Benefits of Christian counseling include: 

  • Experiencing a holistic form of care
  • Receiving trusting guidance through Christian-lead specialists
  • Reestablishing spiritual faith
  • Learning forgiveness 
  • Developing unconditional love
  • Experiencing a stronger sense of hope

Moving Forward With Christian Counseling

Some individuals may feel uncertain about moving forward with holistic care. Many individuals may have a biased view of faith-driven treatment. Although this may be true, Christian counseling can deliver three main components in one’s lifestyle during stressful periods: hope, strength, and deep meaning.

Faith-based facilities offer spiritual support in combination with social, professional, and emotional support, whereas a standardized secular treatment center does not. An individual can do all things through Christ, who strengthens them. Christian counseling can increase self-esteem, greater confidence, and the strength needed to respond to unwanted triggers effectively. 

Combining Other Forms of Care at Restoration Recovery

Integrating faith in one’s recovery can be a positive choice when considering further care while in recovery. Restoration Recovery uses Christian values and the Bible to help individuals change their lives for a comfortable future. Through positive inspiration and light spiritual encouragement, participants learn to surrender their life over to Jesus Christ to achieve long-term recovery from addiction. Taking time to speak with a specialist to develop a comprehensive treatment plan can ensure an individual’s concerns are readily addressed. Their team tailors their services to the individual’s needs. By doing this, an individual has an increased chance of achieving a more successful outcome. Christian counseling works well with a variety of psychotherapeutic services, such as: 

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Equine therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Other holistic modalities

At our California recovery center, Restoration Recovery’s serene setting helps clients achieve not just wellness but wholeness. Our mission is to help people struggling with substance use, mental health disorders, or dual diagnosis to achieve long-term sobriety by offering treatment options that heal the mind, body, and spirit. Our facility understands that unity, honesty, communication, and clinical support can work against the disease of addiction. We believe that faith and spirituality can be a mighty tool in the addiction recovery process. For those who want to integrate faith into their recovery, we created a Christian rehab program to help clients use their spirituality as a catalyst to aid their recovery. Call us at (888) 290-0925 to learn more.

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